Life is full of new beginnings.  Sometimes they’re small, like a new hobby or learning a new skill.

This website is a little new beginning for me – its a step towards taking myself more seriously as an artist and really focusing on showcasing the work I pour my heart into.

I recently started doing landscapes – as a wedding photographer I often just took photos of the surrounds because I was inspired by light and the colours of leaves and grass.  The textures of old buildings and the hues of decay juxtaposed with a beautifully elegant wedding couple always grabbed my attention.

This new foray is a new beginning – a journey into exploring what has always made me stop and take a photo.

Welcome to the start of my new adventure.



'Down the Valley'

At the top of the escarpment, looking down from the hills around Dullstroom, perches a farmhouse.  The farm belongs to my parents, and the quiet is a balm for the soul.  The view down the valley will never be done justice in a drawing, but this is a gentle reminder of this special place.

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