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Frequently Asked Questions

I certainly do!  Wildlife and Pet Portraits are more than welcome, and I’m starting to do landscape commissions as well.

Commissioning a painting is easy!  I will need a good quality image to work from.  While cellphone photos are generally good enough, I normally ask for the original photo taken to ascertain quality and detail.  It is very difficult to work from a low resolution image that pixelates.  I can also offer advice on taking good reference images as I used to be a professional photographer.  Once we have an image, you need to book your spot on my waiting list by paying the 50% booking fee.  The balance is payable when the painting is complete.

Yes!  I welcome all international clients and package artworks with the utmost love and care.  While I believe shipping unframed is better, I can also ship framed works.

All parcels shipped nationally will be shipped via Postnet,  in my experience they offer the best service.  Kindly confirm the name of your closest Postnet Branch as well as the number of the person who will be collecting the parcel.  These usually arrive within 2 – 3 working days.

Orders can also be collected from me at no additional cost.

I prefer shipping international parcels with DHL, but cost can vary quite a bit considering area and the size of the parcel, therefor I prefer to custom quote.

It really depends on the level of detail and complexity, not to mention size.  I also usually have a bit of a waiting list for commissions, so book in advance to ensure your artwork is completed timeously – especially if intended as a gift.  Quality takes time and I’d rather produce work I am proud of.

You can elect to make payment in a couple of ways.  I accept credit cards via Payfast, Yoco and Paypal, or you can do a bank transfer.

Its probably on of the most contested questions!  Pastelists talk about pastel painting – even though its a dry medium.  I don’t mind either – drawing or painting – it comes down to creating something beautiful!

My pricing depends on both size and complexity.  An impressionistic landscape will cost less than a large detailed wildlife painting.  Pet portraits generally don’t have backgrounds and are therefore less expensive than a full painting with a full background too.  I prefer doing custom quotes to suit your needs, please contact me via my handy contact form for more information.

Yes I can!  I have written a blog with some tips – have a look here